About Teatro

Teatro Dhora, being a concept Store has a unique vision to make the modern free-spirited being of today, witness the simple old world traditions of India. Hence, Teatro Dhora collaborates with homegrown brands across the subcontinent to bring together a variety of products, ranging from lifestyle, accessories, furniture, and clothing to home decor products. Promoting slow fashion, sustainable brands, small homegrown businesses, local artisans, and craftsmanship of India, Teatro Dhora keeps it simple, bold, authentic, and fashionable.
Teatro Dhora is amongst the first few concept stores in India, where ‘Teatro’ stands for ‘Theatre’ and ‘Dhora’ stands for ‘sand dunes’. So, as the name suggests Teatro Dhora, is a design theatre in the land of sand dunes, Rajasthan, in India. This is also where it first took off, taking it further to the hip area of Pali hill in Mumbai.




place9, Yashwant place  Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006


phone-receiver0141 – 4027979